Chilli Eating Competition

Chilli Eating Comp – April 2018

Fancy yourself as a chilli-eating extraordinaire?

Do you enjoy putting hot things in and around your mouth?

Do you like sweet cash money?

Or perhaps you enjoy watching & cheering on others whilst they sweat it out competing for sweet, sweet glory?

Well, good news y’all.

There will be an official WACSE Chilli Eating Competition held at Smokin’ in the City, on Saturday April 21st, 2018 at 12:30pm.

Sweet Cash Money Prizes

Getting paid to eat tasty hot chillis?  Sounds like a sweet gig, right?

1st place:  $300  (and fame, glory & bragging rights!!)
2nd place:  $150
3rd place: $50

Where? When? Whaaat??

Date:  Saturday April 21, 2018
Time:  12:30pm
Where:  Smokin’ in the City 2018, Woodville Reserve, Fitzgerald St North Perth.

Head on over to the Smokin’ in the City event page for more details on the event, as this will be a huge weekend if you enjoy chilli & BBQ!!

Smokin in the City 2018

I wish to compete, Show me the money!!

There are strictly 10 places in this comp, and there are still spots available, so please get in touch.

There is a non-refundable $20 entry fee for all entrants.

Please read through the rules below first, and contact us at to register.

Chilli Eating Competition Rules & Guidelines

In order to enter the Chilli Eating Challenge you must read & understand this disclaimer.

By proceeding to compete in this competition, you agree that:

  1. You are at least 18 years old
  2. You take part in the Chilli Challenge at your own risk and understand that Smokin’ charity BBQ Competitions, or any of the organising bodies do not take any responsibility for any pain, sweating, irritation or any side effects whatsoever.
  3. You understand that the Chillies involved in the challenge are not just hot, they’re extremely hot.
  4. You understand that there is an element of stupidity to even want to take part in this challenge.
  5. Smokin’ Charity BBQ Competitions, and all the organising bodies take no responsibility for any health complications arising from participation in this contest
  6. You hereby waiver your right to sue Smokin’ Charity BBQ Competitions, and the organising bodies for any reason

You cannot take part in the Chilli Challenge if you suffer from or have suffered from in the past:

  • Low pain threshold
  • Delicate stomach
  • Low tolerance for Chilli heat
  • Heart complaints
  • The uncontrollable urge to touch your eyes when in pain (more common than you may think)
  • Any other complaints, disorders or illnesses that could be agitated or heightened by eating very hot food.

You MUST NOT enter this challenge if you have any prior health issues.

Please read through the rules of the challenge before you accept and proceed.

Each participant will be offered samples of increasing heat each given every two minutes or when all of the competitors have completed each round.

You will have one minute only to complete each round.

In order to complete the challenge each sample must have been consumed before its minute is up, at no time during the challenge is any form of liquid to be consumed.

Reach for any type of pain relief and you are out.

Once all samples have been consumed, to complete the final part of the challenge you must sit for 1 minute without any form of pain relief, this includes, water, milk, yogurt, ice cream etc.

Last Man or Woman standing is the winner.

Good luck to all the competitors, and if not competing please come on down and cheer them on! 🙂


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