Chilli Eating Comp @ Brew n Que Festival 2019

Are you no stranger to putting hot things in and around your mouth?

Does the fierce burn of eating superhot chillis make you feel alive?

Does your toilet bowl regularly resemble a burning Saudi oil field?

Can you tolerate winning sweet prizes?

Well, we have good news for you!!

There’s still some places available at the Chilli Eating Competition @ Brew n Que Festival (Ascot, Perth) this Saturday – October 5, 2019.

Event Details

Venue: Brew n Que Festival, 70 Grandstand Road, Ascot  (festival is 10am-11pm)
Date: Saturday, October 5th, 2019
Comp Time: 12.30PM

Yessir, I’d Like To Compete!

Ready to embrace the burn, win some spicy prizes and earn the utmost respect of your family and peers??

Please read the rules first, and register to compete via the OFFICIAL RULES & SIGN UP FORM  🙂

If not competing,  come along and grab some incredible BBQ and beer, and cheer on the brave contestants as they battle it out for spicy glory!

The WACSE (West Australian Chilli Seed Exchange) will also have a stall at Brew n Que Festival, offering a huge range of chilli seeds, seedlings, dad jokes and spicy banter.. come over and say hello!

Spread the word, frienderinos!
Peace, love & chilli!

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